SUCH Haibas Quintana "Q"

* 5/8 1985 U 10/1 1998

Q was not a remarkable dog on the outside, but she had other inner qualities.

She was an outstanding tracker, that was nominated twice for the SKK award for dogs thats have performed some kind of miracle. Both these times she had been tracking dogs.

She found two puppies that were lost in the forest for four days , and the second time she tracked a dog that had run away in fear of New Year fireworks.

She was a friendly soul, that always wagged her tail.

She was the proud mother of five litters, 2 champions 5 st with two CACs, a lot of tracking dogs and one daughter is a guide dog for the blind!

Note that four of her grandchildren is Schweisshund Champions and more is coming!

Q with my newphew Gustav, when he was three and she was nine months.