SUCH That's Why He Is Oskar

* 7/8 1992 U 21/9 2005


SUCH That's Why he Is Oskar was a wonderful guy, that arrived to my home at the age of 5 in a terrible shape. He was born and raised in lovely conditions at kennel That's Why, Holland. But his present owners hadn't been nice to him and he was to be euthanized.

Since he moved here he has been a beloved member of the pack that had responsibilities both for bitches and puppies...

He passed the initial class for Schweisshund and he was made Swedish Show Champion in four shows!!

He had a wounderful mentality and was an excellent stud dog that passed on his good qualities.

He had hips A, elbows OK, all teeth and did not give ridgeless puppies.

He had also passed the Swedish mentality test.

His last years Oskar spent as a retired, sleeping, taking short walks and EATING.
To get Oskar out of bed you would need either a bitch in heat or A GOOD TREAT...


Here he is with Nadir ( my 14½ year old male).

Oskars grandchildren at kennel Thats Why, Holland.

Oskar with Ronja (Clayridge Afrodite, from Hasselsnårets kennel).

Oskar with his favouritegirls Babsan och Elin.

Oskar at the photographers.

I know I am the best!

Today Oskar spends most time meditating.

Tatoo's Nadir Hasselsnårets kennel oppigårdens endast elin haibas ygraine