INTCH NORDCH BISS-92 Tatoo's Nadir

* 24/10 1983 8/4 1998

BOB RR-clubshow 92, winner of obedience grade two, 9 år gammal!


Here is some voices about Nadir when he was 12½ and 13 years!!

"Lovely old dog. Nice strong head. Super muzzle. This is the correct eye. Wonderful topline for his age. Good depth of chest"

Liz Megginson, Shangara kennels, SA

"Beautiful type. Wonderful condition. Beautiful out-line, moves correctly with style. Happy to be in ring. Would have liked to see him as a young dog"

Barbara Saywer-Brown, Kwetu kennels, USA

Nadir my first ridgeback, he was 68,5cm and weigh 43kg. He was a wonderful dog and companion, with a lot of heart and braveness. A protector of the small and tough with the tough ones.

A lot of judges judged Nadir throughout the years, He was never without Champion quality (CK)... and he got his last CK from a teary Anita Lindroos at 13½ years. He got around 30 BOB and always placed at the top even as an old dog.

He was also a sneaky old thief that learnt how to open the fridge at 11years! No lock were too complicated...

The whole pack missed him, even the cats (he usually inspected the newborn kittens!) when he passed away 14½ years old.




Your breath is heavy
far away is the time
when you played with the wind
grey muzzle
grey eyes
full of wisdom
your head is raised
the ear prickles
listening for sounds
that no longer exists
but your eyes
can see the wind
That's Why He Is Oskar



He liked to sit by the table and feel human...