Pictures on cats!

Oppigarden's Disa Drömrex.

Busiga Berta & Bosse Bus.

Misan adopted Ivan.

Misan 10 weeks old.

Oppigarden's Charmiga Cornelia "little blue".

Blue running over her brother.

Veidals Heartbreaker, Misans grandma, one of the most beautiful.

Oppigarden's Unika Ulrika, sire Ratpack's Enterprise dam Oppigarden's Only One O .

Oppigarden's Tur Ture, sire Ratpack's Enterprisedam CH Curlicues Amanda.

Mums Alexsi and CH Amalia Sologa with a litter each, totally 10!

EC Minrex Hannibal, Ivan's dad!

S*Ratpack's Enterprise "pisse".