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Amatongas Golden Boy Yoshi

SEVCH Oppigårdens Fimbul

SEVCH Cassado Than by Borana

SEVCH Oppigårdens Hjärter Ess


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Oppigårdens Solvind

SEVCH Oppigårdens Greta Grässtrå



in memoriam
SVCH That's Why She Is A Song In My Heart

SVCH SUCH Oppigarden's Nova ROM

SVCH Meester Ridge Ayo

Oppigarden's Myra ROM

SUCH SVCH Oppigarden's Endast Elin ROM

SVCH NVCH Juliagardens Poseidon

SCH That's Why He Is Oskar

SVCH Oppigarden's Heavenly Helluin

SCH NCH SVCH Haibas Ygraine

SVCH Glapens Bauta Modig

Afrikana's Red Zlim

Maridadis Foxy

SCH Haibas Quintana

INT NORD CH Tatoo's Nadir


Oppigarden's MH (mentality)

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Oppigarden's Alien, Free Fangorn och Mirakel

Oppigarden's Lystra

Oppigarden's Honyeyed Halifirien

Oppigarden's Listig

Oppigarden's Pepparkornsoga

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