SUCH NUCH SVCH Haibas Ygraine
* 8/2 1994 5/9 2002

"Medium size bitch of outstanding breed type. Very typical expression and still feminine. Very functional construction. Good overall body. Very good in front. Workmanlike profile."

Andrew Brace, England


"Nice quality bitch. Good front, correct legs and feet. Super body. Good length of stride in profile. True front movement. Nice ridge and crowns."

Zena Thorne-Andrews



Me and my cousin Runa like to jump stones, we usually get a treat for that!

I am a good mother as well! My puppies tracks, do rescue search, they are beautiful and they are excellent family dogs as well.
They live in Germany, Switzerland, Holland and in Sweden of course.

Here is myself, small and cute (I still am...) with my breeder Birgitta at Haibas.

Haibas Quintana Tatoo's Nadir